Finally, a precise way to validate your body slimming procedures are working.

At ANEW we are all about technology and providing out clients with accurate results, forget the tape measure and the outdated 2D photography methods!  Now you can validate in real time that your body slimming procedures are actually working!

The world’s most precise body measurement tool

Styku’s body scanner is the world’s most precise anthropometric tool. At ANEW we can track real changes in body measurements.

Before & After in Full 3D

2D photos are often misleading. Lighting and coloring differences can mask real change. 3D scans are objective, require no special lighting, and clearly illustrate the results of the procedure.

Styku allows you to actually see how much slimming has taken place throughout your treatment and nutrition regimens. The unique profile overlay gives you an accurate view of your success!

Bone, Fat, Muscle Mass and more with a simple 3D scan.

Each component of your body tells a different story about your lifestyle and the journey to a better you. ANEW is proud to be part of your successful journey to ANEW YOU by providing you a better insight on how your fitness and nutritional programs are impacting bone health, lean muscle growth, and fat loss.


3D Body Scanner                                                                            $45.00

3D Body Scanner Package of 3 Scans                                       $120.00

*intake, mid way of package and after package is complete