Instasculpting FAQs


If you have any of the following conditions you will need a doctors note to release you to receive any Instasculpting or Treatment

  • Pregnant/BreastFeeding
  • Heart Disease or Pacemaker
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Damage/Disease/Problems
  • Liver Damage/Disease/Problems
  • On Your Menstrual Cycle
  • If you have any Fillers (botox)
  • Diabetes
  • Problems with Blood Flow
  • Epilepsy
  • Metal Prosthetics


  • Don’t eat 2 hours prior or 1 hour post treatment.
  • Don’t drink alcohol the day of and the day after.
  • Don’t get in a hot shower or sauna for 24 hours.


Are there any side effects?
There are little to no side effects from this treatment. The only minor possible side effects are:

  • Mild Bruising
  • Temporary Skin Sensitivity

Does instasculpting get rid of cellulite?
It is a completely non-invasive treatment that emits ultrasonic waves into the cellulite ridden areas the body to help reduce that fat cells that causes the appearance of cellulite. This advanced technology is one of the only ways to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite.

Does Instasculpting tighten skin?
The RF (Radio Frequency) device emits a warm and pleasant sensation, making skin tightening a pain free and non invasive treatment. UC effectively addresses stubborn problem areas such as neck, hips, buttocks, thighs, stomach and upper arms.

Are the results permanent?
The procedure causes fat cells to become non-viable. Results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Is Instasculpting painful?
No, it is a pain free treatment. The only mild “discomfort” you might experience is hearing a sound from the resonant sound in your body which is simply the sound of the ultrasound waves. Ultrasound waves resonate throughout the body and can sometimes be heard in the ears.