Anew Spa is proud to stock Sonia Roselli’s renowned beauty products, which provide exceptional results that make every client feel special. Sonia Roselli has been a world-renowned leader in luxury skincare for 18 years, so you can rest assured that any product from their range will help you look and feel your best. At Anew Spa, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect beauty treatment. That’s why we are so excited to offer Sonia Roselli products – these luxurious items have been expertly formulated so you can have flawless looking skin all year round! Our clients can experience the Sonia Roselli difference firsthand with personalized care from our team and the positive effects Sonia’s products will have on their skin. Visit Anew Spa today for Sonia Roselli products and more!

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Sonia Roselli products
Sonia Roselli products

Sexapeel™️ is the ORIGINAL exfoliator formula from Korea.

Sexapeel™️ instantly exfoliates your face and body with a quick sweep of your hands. Our original formula leaves you smooth, clean, and ready for applying skin prep or moisturizer. Use on the face or body, just not the naughty bits!

Sexapeel™️ formula exfoliates, improves circulation, and helps to hydrate your skin.

This revolutionary cosmetic product removes dead skin while improving circulation. Experience smoother, tighter, more even-toned skin with our original blend of aloe vera, glycolic acid, papaya enzymes, moringa oil, and more.

Sexapeel Instant Exfoliating Gel for the face is coming soon! Get alerted when we launch!