Proudly Introducing your new Health, Wellness and Aesthetics MD, Dr. Kimberly Roman

Dr. Kimberly Roman is a Family Physician of 30 years. She has had a widely varied career prior to joining the Anew Body, Beauty and Wellness Spa. It began as a US Air Force family member followed by 25 years as a military physician. First, she spent 12 years with the US Navy followed by 13 years with the US Coast Guard. During that time, she worked a full spectrum Family Physician performing “womb to tomb” care for active duty and family members. She spent time as an operational doctor taking care of the active duty service members, specifically the aviation members as a flight surgeon. She also worked in academic medicine training medical students and residents in Family Medicine. She finished her career working in executive medicine as the senior flight surgeon in the US Coast Guard. Once she retired from the military, she returned to teaching medical student and Family Medicine residents here in Baldwin County and then moved on to Addiction Medicine. Her goal has always been to treat the whole person, helping to promote health as well as healing both physical and mental illnesses; helping people to learn how to see and be their better selves.

As you can see, Dr. Roman has enjoyed a wide spectrum of medicine. As a physician, she finds the continual learning of various aspects of medicine exciting. Now, she has turned that excitement toward aesthetic medicine not only for the satisfaction of assisting her patients find their best selves aesthetically but also to the healing that the various procedures performed can provide. She greatly looks forward to the excitement of seeing the natural beauty of her patients enhanced, to seeing the satisfaction of changes that provide an outward expression of the inner person we all envision as our younger, more energetic selves. Equally important, she looks forward to helping women regain some of the control that motherhood and time sometimes steal from us. All these aspects of aesthetic medicine plus the thrill of being part of growing field and the continual learning inspire great excitement for Dr. Roman.